Down The Road, Not Across

  1. Part 1: Preparation
  2. Part 2: Capitulation, Lesson 1
  3. Part 2: Capitulation, Lesson 2
  4. Part 2: Capitulation, Lesson 3
  5. Intermission: Caged Parody
  6. Part 3: Engulfment, Lesson 1
  7. Part 3: Engulfment, Lesson 2
  8. Part 3: Engulfment, Lesson 3
  9. Part 4: Epilogue
  10. Meanwhile

Returning to their roots, after dabbling with popular music for two years, in 2019 Tempus Cucumis released their third album Down the Road, Not Across; contemporary classical music with an industrial feel. In accordance to the by now established Tempus Cucumis code, nine parts were released in nine glorious summer weeks.

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