Lieder für schreckliche Zeiten

  1. Once, Fluffy went a-courting
  2. Ruhelechzend
  3. Dreams to welcome sleep
  4. Da unten im Tale
  5. We have come dancing
  6. Mindviolin
  7. Ein Weib
  8. If you forget me
  9. Wiegelied
  10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Tempus Cucumis does it again. For the fourth year in a row, they released a new album introducing yet again a new musical genre. This time around: das Lied! A bit like Schumann or Schubert, musical madness but without the psychosis or syphilis. Stripped of all extras, one piano, one voice, nine songs were recorded during nine glorious summer weeks.

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