Lieder für schreckliche Zeiten

Once, Fluffy went a-courting Ruhelechzend Dreams to welcome sleep Da unten im Tale We have come dancing Mindviolin Ein Weib If you forget me Wiegelied Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Tempus Cucumis does it again. For the fourth year in a row, they released a new album introducing yet again a new musical genre. This timeContinue reading “Lieder für schreckliche Zeiten”

Down The Road, Not Across

Part 1: Preparation Part 2: Capitulation, Lesson 1 Part 2: Capitulation, Lesson 2 Part 2: Capitulation, Lesson 3 Intermission: Caged Parody Part 3: Engulfment, Lesson 1 Part 3: Engulfment, Lesson 2 Part 3: Engulfment, Lesson 3 Part 4: Epilogue Meanwhile Returning to their roots, after dabbling with popular music for two years, in 2019 TempusContinue reading “Down The Road, Not Across”

When All Has Gone Tits Up

Far Away The Passing & The Sway The Boatman When All has Gone Tits Up A Day for Sleepers She Long Days Past The Orange Man Sin City Bonus track: Christmas Time’s a-Coming Recorded in 2017, the very first Tempus Cucumis album was conceived as a musical challenge: writing, recording and releasing a complete songContinue reading “When All Has Gone Tits Up”